The 84

“The 84” Youth Prevention Campaign
Anti Smoking Education
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

“The 84” is more than a number – it is the huge percentage of young people in Massachusetts who choose not to use tobacco products. To help youth realize that most of their peers choose not to use tobacco products and to drive traffic and registrations to, GEOVISION together with our agency partner, Mr. Youth, created an innovative campaign to launch “The 84” movement. Working together with our agency partner, Mr. Youth, we developed tools and programs to empower teens across the state to get involved in “The 84.” On the street, we armed 29 youth groups to coordinate a statewide guerrilla event on April 2, Kick Butts Day. Online, we developed an interactive MySpace page, featuring a rewards program where users earned points for actions they performed to spread “The 84” message. Other online tactics included hyping “The 84” through popular social networking sites, online forums, and email blasts.


We asked teens a simple question: “Are U part of The 84?” and the response was astounding!

  • In just six weeks, the number of hits to increased more than 100% from 300,000 to more than 600,000 and the number of registrations grew by 685%!
  • More than 1,000 teens across the state rallied on Kick Butts Day to bring “The 84” movement to life in their communities. (Newspapers and television stations, including WCVB-TV, Channel 5 featured many of the events!)
  • Thousands of teens joined the movement through social networking sites by becoming a “friend” of “The 84.” (Through MySpace alone, we grew the number of “friends” from 11 to 1,618!)
  • In total, more than one million impressions of “The 84” were achieved.

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MySpace Page

The 84 Guerilla Marketing Video

MTCP – Kick Butts Day 2009 [by] from GEOVISION on Vimeo.

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