Social Causes

Social causes marketing educates and motivates. At its best, it can change unhealthy and risky behaviors — making for a better society for all.

GEOVISION has extensive experience creating and producing campaigns using a social marketing approach. We have specialized in reaching Latino, African-American and Portuguese-speaking communities with culturally appropriate and powerful messages.

Our approach focuses on conducting our own primary research. It may involve working with a group of high school students in the development of youth messages, and it may result in a TV campaign based on how an issue has deeply affected someone we found during research.

Whether they deal with smoking, breast cancer, or family planning, our campaigns ultimately weave together information based on the lives of real people.

Our work has been recognized with numerous awards, including two EMMYs for Outstanding Public Service Campaign.

We are most proud, however, of the fact that our campaigns have a strong positive impact on our communities.